Membership Renewal/Signup

Membership is for a 4 year period (currently 2014-2017), ending the year of the International Turfgrass Research Conference. All papers published in the ITS Research Journal require at least one ITS member among the authors. ITS membership benefits include a copy of the ITS Research Journal from the next ITRC, and discounts for ITRC registration and back issues of the ITRC Proceedings and Journals. Membership also includes a subscription to the ITS Newsletter and access to the Members Only section of the ITS website

You can pay for membership fees online. First fill out the online application form (CLICK here)  which stores your membership data on the ITS Website. Then at the bottom of that form, select "submit" to continue to the PayPal system where it says "Or you can pay by credit card through PayPal". You don't need to have a PayPal account, and can pay by debit card or credit card. The financial transactions are all done at the PayPal site, so the ITS does not have access to your credit card or debit card information. The ITS justs gets a message from PayPal when a credit to the account is made. Please go to this site to start the online membership registration or renewal process

You can pay for membership using a paper form. First download the membership application form (CLICK here) and follow the instructions for submission by email or mailing it in.

An interactive list of members can be found here. Enter the email address you used to register, and a response will be given for your membership status (2014-2017) as of 2016/04/17, as well as providing you the members only pasword.

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