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Conservation and Environmental Quality  
Loch, Donald S., Peter McMaugh and Walter J. Scattini. A review of Digitaria didactyla willd., a low-input warm-season turfgrass in Australia: Biology, adaptation and management 1
Bell, Gregory E., Justin Q. Moss and Kyungjoon Koh. Nitrogen and phosphorus in natural rainfall runoff from a bermudagrass golf course fairway over a 5-year period 15
Bremer, Dale J., Steven J. Keeley, Abigail Jager and Jack D. Fry. Lawn-watering perceptions and behaviors of residential homeowners in three Kansas (USA) cities: Implications for water quantity and quality 23
Lewis, Jason D. and Dale J. Bremer. Different nitrogen management regimes affect nitrous oxide emissions among one cool-season and two warm-season turfgrasses 31
Sun, Hongyan and Kelly Kopp. Identifying high risk areas of N leaching in the Salt Lake Valley, Utah, USA 39
Cooper, Richard J., Damian Shea, Charles H. Peacock, Grady L. Miller and Christopher V. John. Influence of spray volume, post-application irrigation and canopy height on the persistence and distribution of Prodiamine residues following application to a tall fescue lawn 47
Debels, Brad T. and Douglas J. Soldat. Evaluation of six subsurface drip irrigation configurations for turfgrass in the Midwestern USA 53
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Diseases (Plant Pathology)  
Latin, Richard. Fungicides for turf disease control 61
Tronsmo, Arne, Tatsiana Espevig, Linda Hjeljord and Trygve S. Aamlid. Evaluation of freezing tolerance and susceptibility to Microdochium nivale of velvet bentgrass cultivars in controlled environments 69
Tung, J., P.H. Goodwin and T. Hsiang. Genotype-based variation in induced systemic resistance activated by the volatile organic compound, (2R,3R)-Butanediol, in Agrostis species 81
Cropper, Kenneth L. and David W. Williams. The effect of combination dew removal and curative fungicide treatments on dollar spot disease of creeping bentgrass 91
Koch, Paul L. and James P. Kerns. Impact of spring and fall fungicide timings on the development of typhula blight and dollar spot on golf course turfgrass 97
Popko, James T. Jr., Chang-Ho Ok, Katie Campbell-Nelson, Jon Hulvey and Geunhwa Jung. A qualitative assay for in vitro detection for potential propiconazole field resistance in isolates of the dollar spot fungus Sclerotinia homoeocarpa 103
Jewell, L.E. and T. Hsiang. Differences in the timing and mechanisms of the infection processes of Microdochium nivale and Microdochium majus on wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) 111
Flor, N.C., P. Munoz, P. Harmon and K. Kenworthy. Response of seashore paspalum genotypes to dollar spot disease 119
Inguagiato, John C., James A. Murphy and Bruce B. Clarke. Topdressing sand particle shape and incorporation effects on anthracnose severity of an annual bluegrass putting green 127
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Establishment and Maintenance  
Aldous, David E. and Donald S. Loch. A review of the biology, adaptation and management of Dactyloctenium australe Steud. (durbangrass) as a turfgrass with particular reference to Australia 135
Jones, Marcus A. and Nick E. Christians. Effect of shoot density on the recuperative potential of creeping bentgrass cultivars 143
Klingenberg, Matthew T., Deying Li, Nick E Christians and Christopher J. Blume. Core aeration programs and sand topdressing improve creeping bentgrass fairways 151
Giordano, Paul R., Colin Johnson, Jacob S. Richards, Michael D. Richardson, Douglas E. Karcher and Thomas A. Nikolai. Investigating lightweight rolling thresholds for putting green quality and performance 157
Deaton, Michael T. and David W. Williams. Trinexapac-ethyl and overseeding effects on shear strength of four bermudagrass cultivars grown on sand-based system 163
Goss, R.M. and R.E. Gaussoin. Biostimulants and mycorrhizas do not increase Poa pratensis establishment on a sand-based rootzone 169
Zhang, Jing, J. Bryan Unruh and Kevin E. Kenworthy. Zoysiagrass cultivar responses under a linear gradient irrigation system 179
Nickell, Kory and Yaling Qian. Saltgrass germination responses to salinity with different seed treatments 187
Goldsby, A.L. and J.D. Fry. Evaluation of turf reinforcement mats for establishment of buffalograss and zoysiagrass from vegetative plugs 193
McElroy, J. Scott, Michael L. Flessner and Tim R. Murphy. Bermudagrass growth regulation with flucarbazone 197
Cooper, Richard J., Grady L. Miller, Charles H. Peacock and Jason Hinton. Sprig establishment rate varies among zoysiagrass species and cultivars 201
Lee, Sang-Kook, Kevin W. Frank, James Crum and Darryl Warncke. Phosphorus and nitrogen rate effects for turfgrass sod established on a phosphorus deficient soil 207
Munshaw, Gregg C., H. Wayne Philley, Barry R. Stewart, D. Wayne Wells and J.S. Beasley. Bermudagrass surface hardness varies with cultivar 217
Beasley, Jeffrey S., Gregg C. Munshaw, Ron E. Strahan and Kathryn Fontenot. Influence of sand topdressing on thatch decomposition of two bermudagrass species 223
Cox, M.C., T.L. Mittlesteadt and S.D. Askew. Improving perennial ryegrass overseeding in 'Patriot' bermudagrass using cultural and chemical treatments 231
Zhang, Qi, Sheng Wang, Alan Zuk and Kevin Rue. Effect of seeding date, growing degree days and seed coating on turfgrass establishment in the Northern Great Plains 237
Askew, W.B., J.M. Goatley, Jr., S.D. Askew, K.L. Hensler and D.R. McKissack. A Comparison of turfgrasses for cemeteries and other low-input areas 245
Stiglbauer, J.B., H. Liu, L.B. McCarty, D.M. Park and J.E. Toler. Seashore paspalum green establishment affected by sprig rates, nitrogen sources and rates 251
Baldwin, C.M., H. Liu, L.B. McCarty, H. Luo and J.E. Toler. Winter cultural practices and shade impacts on 'Tifeagle' bermudagrass spring green-up 257
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Genetics and Breeding  
Lambrides, Christopher J., Yi Zhou, Shu Fukai, Margaret Jewell, Don Loch, Ian Godwin, Tim Holton, David Innes, Celine Frère, Wayne Hanna, Changrong Ye, Thinh Van Tran, The Ngo, Thu Le, Ninh Cao, Haider Al Dabbagh, Chris O'Brien, Matt Roche, Garry Fullelove, Emma Ballard, Ryan Kearns, Will Pearce, Andrew Hacker, Meena Puachuay, Max Shelton, Scott Dalzell, Bill Anderson, Karen Harris-Shultz and Julia Cremer. Ecoturf - A case study on genetic variation and agronomic potential of bermudagrass (Cynodon Spp.) germplasm collected from Australian biodiversity 263
Kimball, Jennifer A., M. Carolina Zuleta, Kevin E. Kenworthy, Huanjung Lu and Susana R. Milla-Lewis. Molecular markers enable the identification of contaminants in production fields of 'Captiva' St. Augustinegrass 267
Brede, A. Douglas. Breeding and development of 'Alexa II,' 'Bluechip Plus,' 'Front Page,' 'Ginney II,' and 'Nublue Plus' Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) 275
Mulkey, Steven E., M. Carolina Zuleta, George A. Van Esbroeck, Huangjun Lu, Kevin E. Kenworthy and Susana R. Milla-Lewis. Genetic analysis of a St. Augustinegrass germplasm collection using AFLP markers 281
Lu, S., Y. Fan, B. Xing, Y. Chen and Z. Guo. Selection of mutants in centipedegrass with dwarfism and increased stress resistance induced by gamma-ray radiation 293
Araneda, Loreto, Jeonghwa Lee, Zhenbang Chen, Paul Raymer and Geunhwa Jung. SSR/CISP marker analysis for genetic relationships of Zoysia cultivars and experimental genotypes 299
Johnson, Paul G., Douglas A. Johnson and Kevin J. Connors. Evaluation of Chinese and Kyrgyzstan grass germplasm collections for maintenance of green cover under limited irrigation in Western North America 305
Wang, Na, Hazel Y. Wetzstein, Brian M. Schwartz and Paul L. Raymer. Influence of solar radiation and photoperiod on flower initiation of seashore paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum Sw.) 319
Schwartz, Brian M., Karen R. Harris-Shultz, Ryan N. Contreras, Christian S. Hans, Wayne W. Hanna and Susana R. Milla-Lewis. Creation of artificial triploid and tetraploid centipedegrass using colchicine and breeding 327
Wu, Yanqi, Tim Samuels, Chengcheng Tan, Justin Q. Moss, Dennis Martin, Yuanwen Guo and Laxman Adhikari. Phenotypic selection for winter survivability and molecular characterization in turf bermudagrass populations 335
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Information Technology and Education  
Fujisaki, Kenichiro and Michael Fidanza. A case study on the historical perspective of establishing turfgrass on public school grounds in Japan 343
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Pests (Insects and Nematodes)  
Potter, D.A., C.T. Redmond and D.W. Williams. Managing excessive earthworm casting on golf courses and sport fields 347
Quesenberry, Kenneth H., Kevin E. Kenworthy, William T. Crow, Philip F. Harmon, Huangjun Lu and Susana Milla-Lewis. Lance nematode effects on rooting of two St. Augustinegrass cultivars 357
Mc Groary, P.C., W.T. Crow, R.M. Giblin-Davis and R. McSorley. Timing of nematicide applications on turfgrass to reduce damage caused by Belonlaimus longicaudatus 363
Williamson, R.C., P.J. Liesch and G.R. Obear. Residual activity of chlorantraniliprole and other turfgrass insecticides against black cutworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) 369
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Physiology and Stress Physiology  
Merewitz, Emily and Bingru Huang. Research advances in drought resistance mechanisms of turfgrass species 375
Rowland, J. H., J. L. Cisar, G. H. Snyder, J. B. Sartain, A. L. Wright and J. E. Erickson. Drought Resistance of warm-season putting green cultivars established from sod on native sand 383
Baldwin, Christian M. and Haibo Liu. Aesthetic and physiological characteristics of 42 bermudagrass cultivars grown in the transition zone 391
Domenghini, J.C., D.J. Bremer, J.D. Fry and G.L. Davis. Evapotranspiration and performance among turfgrass and ornamental landscape species in response to irrigation deficit 405
Rutledge, James M., Charles H. Peacock and Richard J. Cooper. Drought stress response of eight bermudagrass cultivars 415
Sarkar, D., P.C. Bhowmik, M. DaCosta, K. Shetty and E. Watkins. Antioxidant enzyme responses of perennial ryegrass accessions during cold acclimation 419
Zhang, Xunzhong, Paul Summer and Erik H. Ervin. Foliar amino acid-based fertilizer impact on creeping bentgrass drought resistance 429
Zhang, Xunzhong, E. H. Ervin and R.E. Schmidt. Antioxidant enzyme and photosynthesis responses to cold acclimation in two zoysiagrass cultivars 437
Su, Kemin, Justin Q. Moss, Guolong Zhang, Yanqi Wu and Dennis L. Martin. Membrane lipid composition and drought tolerance in bermudagrass 445
Veerasamy, Mahalaxmi and Bingru Huang. Physiological factors and antioxidant enzyme activities associated with interspecific variation in salinity tolerance of cool-season turfgrass species 453
Jespersen, David, William Meyer and Bingru Huang. Physiological traits and genetic variations associated with drought and heat tolerance in creeping bentgrass 459
Pan, Xiaowei, Justin Q. Moss, Yanqi Wu, Niels O. Maness and Kemin Su. Tall fescue performance and protein alteration during drought stress 465
Tian, Yang, Justin Q. Moss, Niels O. Maness, Bruce L. Dunn, Shiping Deng and Gregory E. Bell. Organic acid changes in bermudagrass root exudates under aluminum stress 475
Law, Quincy D., Marcus A. Jones, Aaron J. Patton and Nick E. Christians. Influence of an amino acid complex on the growth of agrostis stolonifera L. Cv. penncross 485
Wang, J.Z., J.M. Fu, S.J. Wilhelm and Y.L. Qian. Performance and physiological processes of 'Brilliant' Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) in response to salinity and mowing management 491
Burgess, Patrick, Thomas Gianfagna and Bingru Huang. Fatty acid metabolism in leaves and roots associated with improved drought tolerance in Agrostis stolonifera expressing SAG12-IPT gene controlling cytokinin synthesis 497
Poudel, Bishow, Diane Rowland, John Erickson, Bryan Unruh and Kevin Kenworthy. Nitrogen partitioning comparisons among warm-season turfgrass species 503
Rios, Esteban, Ann Blount, John Erickson, Kenneth Quesenberry, Fredy Altpeter, Catherine Cellon and Kevin Kenworthy. Root and shoot characterization of mutant turf-type bahiagrasses 509
Wang, Kehua and Yiwei Jiang. The effects of short-term excessive irrigation on growth and physiology of creeping bentgrass on sand and soil greens 517
Milla-Lewis, Susana R., Jennifer A. Kimball, Tito E. Claure, Tan D. Tuong, Consuelo Arellano and David P. Livingston III. Freezing tolerance and the histology of recovering nodes in St. Augustinegrass 523
Krishnan, S. and R. N. Brown. Salt stress responsive tests from perennial ryegrass and red fescue 531
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Soil Biology, Chemistry and Plant Nutrition  
Wang, Yichun, Wenjuan Fang, Deying Li and Roch Gaussoin. Soil chemical properties of golf green affected by age, initial construction and establishment 539
Gardner, David S., Brian P. Horgan and Brandon J. Horvath. Spatial variability of soil amino sugar nitrogen on golf course fairways 545
Peacock, Charles H., Daniel C. Bowman and Richard J. Cooper. Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon x C. transvaalensis 'Tifway') response to slow release fertilizers 551
Skiles, David J. and Yaling Qian. Soil chemical property changes on golf course fairways under eight years of effluent water irrigation 561
Mu, Y. and M.J. Carroll. Thatch and soil microbial activity in recently cultivated turfgrass 567
Trappe, Jon M. and Aaron J. Patton. Evaluating the response to nitrogen source of two zoysiagrass cultivars in separate field trials 575
St. John, R.A. and N.E. Christians. Basic Cation saturation ratio theory applied to sand-based putting greens 581
McGroary P.C., J.L. Cisar, G.H. Snyder, J.E. Erickson and E.J. Nangle. Comparison of soil test kits for assessing plant available phosphorus in Florida urban soils 593
Loch, Donald S. and Yi Zhou. Effects of foliar nutrient and biostimulant applications and soil moisture and nutrient status on establishment of newly-laid sod of Zoysia Spp. 597
Cisar, John L., George H. Snyder, Dara M. Park, Michael A. Fidanza, E.J. Nangle and Karen E. Williams. Potassium and sodium application effects on soil-test values, and turfgrass quality, clipping yield and elemental composition of bermudagrass grown in a sand soil 607
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Soil Physics and Rootzone Construction  
Brosnan, J.T., W.E. Hart, A.W. Thoms and J.R. Sarten. A new apparatus to evaluate turfgrass divot resistance 619
Ford, Phillip G. and Dara M. Twomey. Peak Torque and rotational stiffness of bermudagrass, perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue 625
Follis, Chad C., Stephen H. Anderson, Erik H. Ervin and Brad S. Fresenburg. Assessment of rootzone mixes with inorganic and organic amendments for athletic fields 633
Hoiberg, Andrew H. and David D. Minner. Seedbanking potential of Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass in athletic fields 641
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Weed Science  
Raley, R.B., P.J. Landschoot and J.T. Brosnan. Influence of phosphorus and nitrogen on annual bluegrass encroachment in a creeping bentgrass putting green 649
Elmore, M.T., J.T. Brosnan, D.A. Kopsell and G.K. Breeden. Effects of temperature and nitrogen fertilizer on mesotrione activity against annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) 657
Johnston, William J., Matthew W. Williams, Charles T. Golob, Joseph P. Yenish and Eric D. Miltner. Mesotrione-impregnated fertilizer use during establishment of cool-season turfgrasses 663
Brosnan, J.T. and G.K. Breeden. Annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) Control with indaziflam at various stages of growth 671
Dunlap, N.J., N.N. Boersma and N.E. Christians. Enhanced herbicidal activity of corn gluten meal through pH modification 675
de Barreda, Diego Gómez, Patrick E. McCullough and Brian M. Schwartz. Response to ten zoysiagrass (Zoysia Spp.) cultivars to metamifop 679
Smith, Adam N., John B. Willis and Shawn D. Askew. Absorption and translocation of fluzasulfuron applied to shoots and roots of Lolium perenne L. 685
Askew, Shawn D., Matthew J.R. Goddard, Whitnee L.B. Askew, Josh B. Beam and Renee J. Keese. Effect of trifloxysulfuron sodium rate and sequential treatments on transition of overseeded bermudagrass fairways 689
Henry, G.M., C. Straw, L.L. Beck, T. Cooper, J. Brosnan and G.K. Breeden. Nutsedge (Cyperus Spp.) control and perennial ryegrass overseeding tolerance to SP25052 695
Post, Angela R., Daniel B. Ricker and Shawn D. Askew. Evaluation of potential admixtures to improve postemergence smooth crabgrass (Digitaria ischaemum Schreb. ex Muhl.) Control in cool-season turfgrass with mesotrione 701
Venner, K.A., T.L. Mittlesteadt and S.D. Askew. Improving quality of bermudagrass post-dormancy transition using partial control techniques 707
Hébert, François, Eric M. Lyons and Katerina S. Jordan. Efficacy of corn gluten meal and hydrolyzed corn gluten meal on weed suppression and cool-season grass establishment 713
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Short Communications  
Sun, Xiaoling, Yuefei Xu and He Zhou. HPLC determination of photosynthetic pigments in Kentucky bluegrass with an endcapped ODS-2 C18 column 721
Song, Enzhan, Justin Q. Moss and Xi Xiong. Differential response of bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) and zoysiagrass (Zoysia japonica) varieties to aryloxyphenoxypropionate herbicides 727
Cross, James, Eric Koch, Dirk A. Smith, Melissa Mohr, Eric Weibel, Ronald Bara, Stacy A. Bonos and William A. Meyer. Response of fine fescue turf species to simulated wear in New Jersey 731
Golob, Charles T., William J. Johnston, Matthew W. Williams and Christopher A. Proctor. Selective Agrostis stolonifera L. removal from Lolium perenne L. with mesotrione 739
Roberts, J.A., J.C. Inguagiato and J.A. Murphy. A Method to evenly apply foot traffic to turf plots 743
Stewart, Barry R., H. Wayne Philley, D. Wayne Wells and Gregg C. Munshaw. Evaluation of warm-season grasses for use in dog parks in the Southeastern USA 747
Gannon, T.W., S.C. Navie, F.H. Yelverton, N. Bloor and S.J. Hampton. Suppression of Paspalum notatum Flüeggé (bahiagrass) along Australian roadsides 751
Acuña, Alejandra A., T. Karl Danneberger and Claudio Pastenes. Turfgrass Adaptation in central Chile 757
Liu, Haibo, Nick Menchyk, Frank G. Bethea Jr. and Hong Luo. 'Diamond' zoysiagrass putting greens in the transition zone 761
Keighley, J., M. Hare, S. Edwards, R. Mann, K. Walley. Fairy ring distribution, incidence and severity on UK golf courses 767
Cho, Tetsu, Takayuki Imada and Shoichi Kimura. A case study of non-structural carbohydrates in creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) tissue of putting greens in Japan 771
Cottrill, Derek J. and Gerald L. Miller. Assessment of the impact of nitrogen source and pH on the spring dead spot pathogens, Ophiosphaerella herpotricha and O. korrae with an in vitro mycelial growth assay 777
Rohollahi, I., N.A. Khosh kholgh Sima and M. Kafi. Biochemical response of some native Iranian low maintenance turfgrasses under drought stress 783
Strandberg, M., K. Blombäck, A.M. Dahl Jensen and J.W. Knox. The future of turfgrass management - challenges and opportunities in Europe 787
Ushilo, Masakazu J., Shoko Kajiwara, Taro Takemura and Takashi Minowa. Three-dimensional observation of leaf epidermis of creeping bentgrass by confocal laser scanning microscopy 791
Zhou, Yi, Shu Fukai, Donald S. Loch, Ian D. Godwin and Christopher J. Lambrides. Selection for tolerance to both drought and frost among a large number of bermudagrass (Cynodon Spp.) ecotypes collected from different climatic zones 795
Aamlid, Trygve S. and Trond Pettersen. Effect of the plant growth regulator trinexapac-ethyl on turf quality, concentration of total nonstuctural [nonstructural] carbohydrates, and infection of Microdochium nivale in greens-type Poa annua in Scandinavia 801
Wang, Ying, Lixin Xu, Huiming Zeng, Wei Tang and Liebao Han. Cloning and identifying the stress-inducible promoter RD29A of Zoysia japonica Steud 805
Robinson, M. and P. Ford. Evaluation of wear during winter dormancy on the rotational traction of hybrid bermudagrass 811
McMillan, M.F., S. Kostka, T. Boerth, M. Fidanza, C. Bigelow, J. Cisar, D. Soldat, A. Van Dyke, I. Karas and K. Williams. Monitoring seasonal soil water repellency in USA golf course putting greens 815
Kim, K.N., R. Goss, S.H. Park and B.J. Kim. A greenhouse study comparing local soil amendments with overseas peats as an organic source for rootzone mixes in Korea 819
Hull, James and Peter M. Martin. Correlation between soil phosphorus tests failed under field conditions in Southeast Australia 825
Roche, Matthew B., Jonothan D. Penberthy and Lin O'Brien. Use of trinexapac-ethyl to reduce mowing requirements of warm-season grasses in Subtropical Australia 829
Neylan, John J., Donald S. Loch, Shane G. Biddle, Christopher J. Lambrides and Dennis E. Baker. Brisbane and Bangkok 2011 - A tale of two floods 831
Liu, Y., J.M. Zhang, C. Wang and T.Z. Liu. Effects of five rootzone mixes on root growth of 'Lanyin III' Zoysia japonica 841
Holborn, Shane and William Pearce. Turf for erosion and sediment control - construction of an Australian national demonstration facility 845
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